Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yellow buses in Tbilisi

Yellow, long, with three doors and with a big split on the front window- this is the bus number 9. It moves people from Railway Station to Vake Park. This is usual municipal transport with big, transparent windows around it. Driver’s chair is situated in front, on the left side of the bus. Behind it, on the both sides of the bus, pear of chairs are arranged. In the end, four place chair is situated.
As soon as you enter the bus, grey box, with some buttons on it, takes your attention. This is the cash apparatus. People take tickets from it. There is one more cash box in the middle of bus too. On the bus stops, ticket controllers come in the bus and check tickets.
Bus is always overcrowded. There is no air to breath. Especially in summer. The worth thing that troubles people is, that the windows doesn’t open. ,, hey driver, stop packing bus with people,’’ passengers cry to driver all the time.

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