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Alarming Number of Miscarriages in Georgia

According to the official statistics of Georgia number of miscarriages has increased during last three years. There were 2621 miscarriage occasions in 2006. This number increased by one hundred in 2007 and over 300 in 2008.

World Health Organization considers miscarriage, same as spontaneous abortion to be happening before 22 weeks of pregnancy . According to the , accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (cooperated with) about 10 to 20 percent of women in USA , who know they are pregnant, have a miscarriage some time before 20 weeks of pregnancy. 80 percent of these occur in the first 12 weeks. But the actual rate of the miscarriage is even higher. Many women have very early miscarriages without ever realizing that they are pregnant.

22 years old Tinatin Tujishvili had miscarriage when she was 5 weeks pregnant. She was poisoned by gas and that caused her miscarriage. She had high temperature for five days, then she went to the doctor, who said that embryo had died.

,, I remember that small, untidy room, where doctor Dodo Sigua made my spontaneous abortion, I looked for sympathy in the surgeon’s eyes, but they looked at me indifferently, ’’ Tujishvili said. As she reported, she got psychological stress and felt in deep sorrow. It happened two month ago. Tujishvili is taking medical treatment nowadays.
Miscarriage issue is discussed in the book,, Unfinished pregnancy and yearly childbirth-” edited by medicine doctor D. Sigua in 2008. According to this book, miscarriage in Georgia has become one of the biggest problems for obstetrics as well as for population of Georgia during recent years. The percentage of the unfinished pregnancy has considerably increased and by incomplete figures, it is 12-14 percent of all pregnancies.
,, this is the reason of ineffective treatment. There is not throughly studied etiology and pathogenesis of early pregnancy disorder , also there is no simple and effective methods of predicting miscarriage,’’ says the book.
Chachava Inatitute (Scientific Research Center of Prenatal Medicine and Obstetrics Gynecology) gynecological sector instructor- Paliko Kintraia talks about the reasons of miscarriage. He explains, that there are three main reasons of miscarriage in Georgia: social factors: stress, earthquake, revolution, economical problems, unemployment; Chemical and radiation environment; various diseases.
,, Most of XXI century Georgian women are too much stressed. This reflects on their fetus and it causes the miscarriage. Food is another problem, even vegetables are full of chemicals,” Kintraia says. He agrees that ineffective treatment is the most important issue nowadays. ,, But this is not the problem of Georgia only, it is the problem of the whole world, changes must be invented in order to get fast and qualitative treatment,’’- Kintaria says.
The World Health Report of 2008 also states: ,,Globalization is putting the social cohesion of many countries under stress, and health systems are clearly not performing as well as they could and as they should. People are increasingly impatient with the inability of health services. Few would disagree that health systems need to respond better – and faster – to the challenges of a changing world.’’
Increased miscarriages reflect on the demographic index. According to the official statistics made by Health Care in Georgia compared with the European countries in 2005, Georgia stands after Andorra according to the live births per 1,000 population.

Way out of of this problem is in the economical development in Georgia by Tamaz Kordzakhia , expert of the Ministry of Healthcare and director of the maternity home “Hera”. Kordzaxia talks about the miscarriages to the Human Rights Center in 2009.14th January. He thinks, that economical problems reflects on the women reproductive health condition and while this problem exists , miscarriage problem will be alarming in Georgia.
As it is written in the book ,, Unfinished pregnancy and yearly childbirth’’ solution of the miscarriages must be found in reorganizing treatment methods, which will ensure accessible, gradational, expertly helping of the pregnant women.

Statistics of spontaneous abortion
Year Total number of abortion Spontaneous abortion
2006 21204 2621
2007 20642 2767
2008 22062 2958

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