Monday, November 2, 2009

SOS! soap operas may harm your psychics

Most of Georgian women love watching soap operas.Especially those, who live in regions. As usuall, main TV soap opera goes on in the evening, so villager women wait for it all day long. In the evenings,neighboars come together to watch their lovely soap opera. When they watch,they react on each appearance amotionally, as if they were the witnesses. After the evening seace women discuss what they have watched. Women are so nervous and worry about Maria who had been thrown out the home by her horrible stepmother and so on. Ofen they take examples of the soup opera heroes in their own life. So this people are emotionally involved in them.They just can't drop it out, as it's like the drugs.
I hate soup operas and I wish these people stopped watching them too, as watching too much soap operas may harm one's psychic.

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