Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Graduate Record Examinations

National Examination Centre will publish the list of students, who obtained finance in Master’s degree in a week. The results had to be published earlier, but it didn’t. Students are waiting and confused.

Tbilisi State University administration official, Zviad Muradashvili said, that university started studying students in Master’s degree, Though they don’t know the results of financing. One of the student Natia beridze also reported: ,,I am confused, I have already started my study, but if it comes up, that I am not financed, I’ll have to call off my study. I wish the results published soon.”

Tbilisi Technical Institute also started studying students in Master’s Degree. But they demanded students to pay the tax beforehead. So, after the results publishes, the administration of the Institute will refund money to the students who will get finance.

Merab Topuria, the superior of logistic group on National Examination centre reported, that publishing results delayed because of some unexpected problems appeared in the system.
,, Main cause of this problem is that specialization exams conducted delayed in some institutes, So they send us the facts later, also there are 122 students, who has registered in different Institutes and we need to know Where do they want to enter the Master’s degree program. 85 of them came and chose the institute, we are waiting other 37 student. If they don’t inform their decision until the end of this day, we are going to exclude them from the list,’’ Topuria said.

Government has decided financing students in Master’s Degree in 2009. They have emitted two million GEL for the program this year. Five thousand people have taken part in the competition. They took exams in General Skills and in Specialization exams. Students will get place in Master’s Degree defend on their score in specialization exams. They get finance according competitive score in General Skills. Financing has three steps gradation.
First: the rating. 10 percent of 2 million GEL (200 000 GEL) will finance students whose rating in the list are the highest. Second: 11 Directions of Specialty. 40percent of 2 million GEL goes on them. Third: Priorities. 50 percent of total amount will send on them. There are 11 directions, but only 9 are priorites: Humanitarian, Juridical, Natural sciences, pedagogical, Engineering .. Jurispodence and Business will not be take this additional finance.
,,We have too much professionals in Jurispondence and Business, that’s why we financed other directions to bring more students there,“ Topuria said.