Sunday, February 6, 2011

Place that means something to me

Near my house, stands a little home with a large balcony. Every time I see this house sweet childhood memories come to me. I remember how I and my friends played silly games on the large and balcony of this house. We were so happy and proud of ourselves then.
That happened more than 15 years ago, but I still remember everything like the things that happened yesterday. My friends Ani and Pato lived in this house. Their parents didn’t let them go out so my neighbors and I used to visit and play there every day. This place was like our ,,little home”. The balcony was always full of useless things. Our toys looked poor thrown ownerless. In one corner of our little home stood red round table fasten in the floor with chairs around it. On the other corner was a basket and we played basketball there. We had a little stage too. We constructed it with chairs whenever we needed it.
The thing which I will never forget is how we made concerts there. We were so organized. Some of us made tickets from paper and others distributed them among our adult neighbors. We changed them on candies. Then my friends and I danced and sang different songs as well as we could. We used to play ,, mother and son” , ,, hide-and-seek”,,, the seller of ice-cream” and kind of other plays there. So this balcony was real ,,estate” for us.
Sometimes even close friends become strangers. This happened with us. My friends’ parents sold that house and we lost contact. But I am sure Ani and Pato also remember that time.
Now, whenever I walk along this house good feelings surrounds me. Though it is absolutely changed and has nothing common with the old balcony , it is still the place which wakes childhood memories in me.

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