Sunday, February 6, 2011


Everybody makes mistakes. But the point is to have the feeling of regret.
When I was thirteen, I was quit level-headed child. But I was absolutely confused and nervous when Mr.David the cruel director of my school came into class and announced my name . I stood up..He said I did a big mistake and I should have to leave school at once. Explained that I shouldn’t write my name on the wall.
Actually, that wall was full of other children names. So what made him so angry was that my name was written with a huge letters. Oops, that was presumably a big problem. But I said I didn’t wrote my name there and I had no clue what was he talking about.
I thought he would burst with his anger. He stared my teacher. She whispered something. Director asked me again: so you really didn’t write your name there. Did you? I answered I didn’t. His eyes were wide and angry.
Suddenly my classmate George was standing in front of this man. Everything was clear for director. This boy loved me and so he wrote my name there. George apologized but the director didn’t accept it. Mr.david said he should leave school immediately. He called his parents. Meeting was arranged in an hour. .
Soon the bell rang, I ran home. Without saying any word to my parents, I went to my room and shut the door.
Next day I went to the school as usual. I didn’t expect to see George, but he was there. Said that his parents solved the problem.
The truth is that I wrote my name on the wall, not George.

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