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Don’t Expel Us - Autism

One, two, three, Four... hardly counted the numbers 5 years old Dato for himself, but as soon as he recognized that his parents where looking at him, Dato stopped counting at once and concealed himself in the corner of the room, as if he wanted to be invisible from them.
Dato was 3 years old when the neurologist Gia Natriashvili diagnosed him Autism. He said that little boy had serious developmental disability. 
“Still that time I started to treat Dato more tenderly not to damage his psychic. Now I and his Father are trying to follow his wishes all the time” Says Tea Manjgaladze, mother of the child. 
According t mother, Dato was always capricious and nervous child; he could not socialize with different environment and preferred to seclude himself from others. Even he never tried to hug with her by his own initiative. But parents never thought of autism, so did doctors at first. 
“Diagnose for Dato’s disease become challenge for doctors. Only after one year of ineffectual treatment, doctors came up with the correct diagnosis. I wish they could diagnose it earlier. But I see autism people don’t care government, I just want to say: “Don’t expel us” Says Manjgaladze.
According to Qetevan Abdushelishvili, psychiatrist, mental health head instructor at Iashvili Clinic, there is a lack of adequate treatment and management for the prevention of this disease in Georgia.
”At Iashvili clinic we use diagnostic questioner ADI-R and ADOS, which contains 89 questions about children’s habits that makes possible to diagnose the disease. But this technique is used only in certain clinics; most polyclinics do not use this methodology. Says Abdushelishvili.
 Pediatrician Maia Kherkheulidze talks about the ineffective management of the prevention of autism in Georgia. She says that there is a lack of guidelines and the resources for this disease, like diagnostic methods, rehabilitation centers, parents training or intervention services in Georgia. 
“Every baby from 2 month takes special diagnostic service in polyclinics in developed countries, while we have not such services and can’t discover the disease until 18 month child.” Says Kherkheulidze.

 Lika Tushishvili -Psychotherapist maintains that child ill with autism must have special care, and the parents need special trainings to learn how to relate with their



“In US and Europe there are special funds for such families, so they are able to take the long term psychological treatment. For example in US there is 3 to 5 million dollars fund of services throughout the lifetime of child with autism. But we don’t have any analog situation here, more if parents want to take a psychologist, they must pay 25 lari in an hour, which most of families can’t effort- she says. 
The exact reason of the appearance of this disease is not asserted yet. It may caused while the pregnancy period. 
“Autism is a disease which has not exact reason to exist. Also this is psychiatrist problem and it can’t be cured. One thing doctors can do is the adequate treatment and management of this problem- says Eka Tushishvili.
Concerning to this issue Georgian Association of Child Neurologists and neurosurgeons has made a project screening and diagnose methods of Autism. Project was granted by Open Society Georgia Foundation and GNSF in 2009 Juny17th. There was held trainings for doctors how to discover disease. Also they observed three region polyclinics in Tbilisi: Saburtalo, Digomi and Vake and set the results, that there is not any supportive service for children with autism there. 

Autism has become a worldwide problem. Approximately 17 percent of children have some type of developmental disability including autism. Experts estimate that every six child out of 1000 has autism. The biggest number of the disease has been discovered in Great Britain. According to the, one of the reliable web sites in Britain. 

 Autism signs and symptoms include difficulties with social interaction, problems with communication, and repetitive behaviors. A baby with symptoms may be unresponsive to people or focus intently on one item to the exclusion of others for long periods of time. Symptoms may include engaging in repetitive movements, such as rocking and twirling, or in self-abusive behavior, such as biting or head-banging.


People ill with autism can improve their abilities. Many of them have some special talents Famous musician Mozart had autism too.
 Autism was investigated and discovered by the professor Kaner after World War II. He asserted all the symptoms of this disease and named it as Autism, which comes from Greek Auto and means itself.

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