Monday, June 14, 2010

Coming Soon: Center of Contemporary Art -Tbilisi

Everything started in Bucharest, on a big conference. It was 2007 then. Seeing amazing Cultural exhibitions and centers in Europe, Artist Vato Tsereteli got inspiration to found alike Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi.   Building near river Mtkvari where                                                      the center of   contemporary                                                          art will be situated     

After six month 27 Georgian Artists had exhibition near Amsterdam. There were presented big companies too. Though Vato’s desire was deeper and superior at that time, he had no finances to implement it himself. So he talked to PR manager of TBC Group there and soon it came out that he had already have a foundation on which Vato could built his dream Cultural Center soon.

“I believe in private initiatives, in step by step projects. With my 10 years experience in organizing the cultural events, I am sure Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi will justify my hopes and it will definitely serve the aim for what it is building now”- Vato says.
TBC group approved the idea of Art Center. They gave two floors building to Vato and therefore Tsereteli started to found different sources from different countries to bring grants for his project and he did bring. The highest finance he has got now is 10 thousand Euros, which Vato got from Swiss development Agency.
Library, cinema screening place, Three Exhibition and three class rooms, reception, resting and bath rooms. In two floors building which is under thorough repairs now will serve students of different age and education to develop their personal skills and initiatives in contemporary art soon.
“We believe it is of crucial importance to have an independent and open institution, which will work on the development of contemporary visual culture and help artists to effectively address their creative products to local and international audiences” says Tsereteli.
As The Artist explains, Georgia cultural education is behind the east and west culture of middle ages. Even Tbilisi Art Academy does not teach the students the values of contemporary art, which means private ideas and initiatives realization in free and independent art life.
Video Art, Photography, Painting and sound Art. 9 month courses in these spheres of Art will start from October. Teachers from local and foreign countries will introduce to students their knowledge and experience. Each month will cost 350GEL and in return of diploma, graduated students of Center of Contemporary art will gain exhibition and concept based realized private ideas.

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