Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I wonder why icon street-sellers number is dangerously increasing on Rustaveli avenue?!

Whenever I walk on Rustaveli avanue, I see it full of the icon street-sellers.Their number is dangerously increasing. Most of the sellers are young girls and boys. They beg people to bye icons, trying to convince them, that they put the profit in charity.
Some of people trust the sellers, others don't. Those, who trust, buy the icons and thank to sellers.As they think the sellers do the kind job. But those, who don't trust, think that it is a simple lie. To their opinion, icon sellers don't put the money in charity. they are robbering people. The worth thing they do, is that they use people's religion trust for their own profit.
I don't have a clue, may be those icon sellers are doing kind job, may they don't. The fact is that their number is increasing more and more.It is unusual for Rustaveli avenue, As well as, it had always considered as the cultural centre of tbilisi and there had never been such kind of icon-sellers before.

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