Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Car bomb in ISLAMABAD, Pakistan

international web sites published information about Car bomb in ISLAMABAD, Pakistan in 28.10.2009.
As Reuters says, car bomb ripped through the crowded market and killed 90 people at Pakistan's city of Peshawar, hours after Washington's top diplomat arrived there pledging a new start in strained relations.
CNN also broadcasted this fact. As there is said, at least 100 people were killed in the accident. Among the sacrified people where many women and children. also there are at least 200 other injured people. A vehicle ripped though the market was packed with 150 kilograms of explosives.
,,At least 91 people have been killed after a huge car bomb ripped through a busy market in Peshawar, Pakistan'' says BBC News. It also says, that this attack is not the first one. they say that, similar attacks have killed hundreds of people in recent weeks, as the army carries out an operation against Taliban militants in South Waziristan.

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