Sunday, January 31, 2010

My profile by Katie tutberidze

When Tako was a little girl, she longed to be a professional journalist. She was fascinated with this job for the colored and lovely microphone the journalist held in her hand. But when she grew older and guessed that journalism isn’t only the big and lovely microphone, covered with a yellow or orange pattern, she was disappointed a little bit. Still, she has chosen this job and is enrolled at the GIPA journalism school.

She remembers two problems from her childhood. The first is that she couldn’t pronounce the letter “R” till thirteen. She did some exercises to improve her speech speaking rhymes and sayings until she could pronounce the symbols.

She also remembers her piano classes as the other problem of her childhood. For seven years her parents forced her, to play piano, but Tako didn’t like it. Maybe , this is the reason she doesn’t like classical music and always prefers to listen to alternative rock, like Coldplay, but sometimes she plays piano, when she’s alone.
Tako is keen on Japanese culture and her dream is to travel around this amazing country, wondering from small town to town, from Nagasaki to Tokyo.
“I’m fascinated with Japanese architecture, amazing bridges and Pagodas. And I’m definitely sure I’ll travel around this country someday“, – says Tako.

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