Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swine Flue

According to the official data, approximately 400 people are ill with the swine flu in Georgia. Experts say that the disease will reach its peak in January. People are in Panic.
40 years old Manana Dumbadze has flu and high temperature for more that one week. She has heavy heath condition, though Dumbadze doesn’t visit the doctor, because she is afraid that doctors will diagnose her Swine Flu. 
National Centre for Disease Control and Public Heaths reports that every heavy flu is identified as Swine Flue and needs accurate treatment.
 ,, according to the official facts, about 400 people are ill with Swine Flu, but we expect three times more ill people, who has not registered in our system’’-says Shota Caava- Main assistant of the National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health.
Georgian Ministry of Health reports , that they have enough vaccines and are ready to cure this disease.
Situation is too much alarming in Gali. People has no vaccines and are in a big trouble. 
Georgian Health Ministry is going to solute this problem. They are going to send the vaccines to Gali soon.
Swine flu is the second pandemic disease after Chicken flue, which was spread all over the world last year. Nowadays the whole world stands in front of this problem. World Health Organization sends vaccines and veils to the countries , which need support. 
Swine flu spread in Ukraine a month ago. thousands of people were ill with this disease and many people were died too.
There are not any accident of the death by Swine Flu in Georgia. Though four patients, ill with this flue, have especially heavy health condition.
Georgian Ministry of Health advice people to wear veil and to visit doctors as soon as they appear to have complicated flu.


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